The home of horse chestnut is Persia, northern India, and Albania. According to folk customs, those suffering from rheumatism carried with them two to three chestnut trees to protect them from rheumatism.

Horse chestnut is traditionally used in folk medicine for the treatment of veins and rheumatism. The healing and the use of these plants require a detailed description of the parts of which can be prepared various pharmaceuticals.

Of dried, chopped bark it can be prepared tea extract and fat. The compositions of the crust should be taken in small doses for internal use in the therapy of diseases of veins, hemorrhoids, frostbite, burns, dysentery, malaria, and outside in the therapy of the skin, and with dysentery, diarrhea, eczema, fever, malaria, indigestion, intestinal inflammation .

Tonic Effect
Leaf tea acts as a tonic with menstruation, fever, eczema, arthritis and painful joints, fractures, sprains, soft tissue swelling and severe coughing.

The fruit can be used in the treatment of rheumatism, neuralgia, prostate, swollen testicles – the scrotum, the extended-swollen veins, phlebitis, oedemas of the ankle, leg edema (long standing), venous outflow (venous insufficiency), capillary blood flow, diarrhea, hemorrhoids or rectal complications, expectorant, prostate problems – increased (hyperplasia), with fever, lupus, as a tonic with skincare – facial wrinkles, skin ulcers.

Chestnut has a narcotic effect. The flower of the horse chestnut, in the form of alcoholic extract, is used for the treatment of rheumatic disorders, gout, arthritis, neuralgia.

The oily extract obtained from the fruit is used for external use in the treatment of rheumatic disorders. The root powder is used to soothe breast pain.

Strengthens capillary walls
In allopathic – official medicine injections escin are used in the treatment of large veins, varicose veins, portal vein of the liver, venous thrombosis, hemorrhoids, acute myocardial infarction.

Contraindications: The possibility of allergies in inside and outside use.

Horse Chestnut Remedy for Varicose Veins


6-8 Horse Chestnuts

Tincture Directions
The fresh nuts and leaves are easiest to work with, but dried nuts will work.

Chop the nuts into the smallest possible pieces, and cover with vodka. An organic vodka is preferable.

Let it hang out in a dark, cool place for about 4-6 weeks.

Once it’s done, you can add it to olive oil or coconut oil and massage over your trouble spots on a daily basis.