It is best to treat liver cancer early, but it’s a sneaky disease. It often lies undetected until it has progressed to an advanced, harder to treat, stage.

By paying careful attention to your body, you may notice symptoms that will warn you of a liver problem. Knowing these signs and the risk factors that are linked with liver cancer may help you protect yourself against advanced liver cancer.

1.Your appetite is waning

Patients with liver cancer may find themselves filling up unusually quickly. They are unable to eat as much in one sitting as they used to, and they do not have as much interest in food.

2.Experiencing stomach troubles

Liver cancer can cause pain in the abdomen. It might be especially pronounced in the upper right region because that is where your liver is. Liver cancer can upset your stomach and cause nausea and vomiting, or it can cause your stomach area to become swollen.

3.Unexplained weight loss

If you find yourself losing weight for no apparent reason, it is definitely a sign of an underlying condition that could involve a number of diseases or even cancer. Although not always will weight loss mean cancer, it is still advisable to ask your doctor if your related symptoms are any indication of liver cancer or not.

4.Discolored stools

Chalky, white stools indicate a bile issue. Bile is a substance produced by the liver, and it gives stools their normal color. Colorless stools indicate that the liver isn’t producing bile or that the bile is unable to leave the liver.

5.Yellowish tint in eyes or fingernails

If you ever notice a yellowish tint in the whites of your eyes or your fingernails, immediately seek medical help. This is a clear indication of liver diseases such as jaundice, hepatitis or liver cancer. Jaundice is curable no doubt but never neglect such conditions as jaundice is the first indication of the possibility of pancreatic cancer,

6.You are experiencing hormone-related issues

Liver tumors can produce hormones that affect other symptoms in the body. These can include high cholesterol, high red blood cell counts, high blood calcium and low blood sugar. The hormones can also have effects on male or female reproductive organs.

If you experience some of these liver cancer symptoms, you should see a doctor. You should especially make an appointment if you are at increased risk of liver cancer.

Risk factors include:

Heavy drinking: If you currently drink excessive amounts of alcohol or used to drink too much, this could damage your liver. The damage can lead to abnormal cell growth.

Hepatitis infection: People who have had hepatitis B or C are more likely to develop liver cancer. Those who have not been vaccinated for hepatitis B are also at an increased risk.

Obesity: Extremely high weight is associated with a non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. This disorder can increase your chances of developing liver cancer.

Diabetes: Most people with type 2 diabetes also have a non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, a serious cancer precursor.

Aflatoxins: Exposure to these molds, which can grow on corn and peanuts, may cause problems in the liver.


Silent Signs Of Liver Cancer You Shouldn’t Ignore